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One of the smartest investments you can make right now is in energy. Costs of traditional energy resources are rising and the dollars we pay every month offer no return.Solar dates back thirty years with no harmful effects on the environment. High efficient AC, solar water heating, low watt lighting and solar attic ventilation are all easy investments with high returns.


Energy efficiency measures are a smart investment for many companies to stay competitive in today’s market and to reduce the cost of operating procedures, cut back on waste,  and empower employees to do the same. Companies need to get the community involved in their efforts to show everyone you are the leader in securing our environmental future. 


It is important to understand the technology behind our product offering, why it is necessary, and what incentives may be available. Mr. Jamerson is also a solar instructor, helping the next generation of contractors to learn the proper installation of products to give the customer the highest return on their investment
About Us
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About Complete Green Systems

Complete Green Systems (CGS) is a branch of Jamerson Electric, Inc., a family owned electrical company in Central Florida for over 20 years. Owned by Coy and Mary Jamerson, the family has been serving the local community for the past three generations.  Coy Jamerson, III is a state certified Electrical Contractor, solar PV instructor, Master Air Conditioning contractor and professional energy consultant.  Our goal is to assist any homeowner or business to conserve energy and ultimately save money on monthly utility bills. What a customer can expect when working with CGS is quality workmanship that takes everyone’s safety into consideration, solid warranty you can feel secure with which we will be around to stand behind, and to be provided with the best deal available for the quality work performed. Our policy is to treat customers like family!

For Complete Green Systems, it is not enough to be average. We offer service that extends beyond any known competitor and have been offering the highest level of service over the past 20 years, as many of our customers can attest to.


Being GREEN is about being SMART; This is the CGS GREEN promise:

  • Guidance in finding the right solution for your needs
  • Rewarding payback for your bottom line
  • Excellent service. We are available almost 24/7 when you need us
  • Environmentally friendly product offering
  • Nobility in workmanship you can count on and peace of mind in performance