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One of the smartest investments you can make right now is in energy. Costs of traditional energy resources are rising and the dollars we pay every month offer no return.Solar dates back thirty years with no harmful effects on the environment. High efficient AC, solar water heating, low watt lighting and solar attic ventilation are all easy investments with high returns.


Energy efficiency measures are a smart investment for many companies to stay competitive in today’s market and to reduce the cost of operating procedures, cut back on waste,  and empower employees to do the same. Companies need to get the community involved in their efforts to show everyone you are the leader in securing our environmental future. 


It is important to understand the technology behind our product offering, why it is necessary, and what incentives may be available. Mr. Jamerson is also a solar instructor, helping the next generation of contractors to learn the proper installation of products to give the customer the highest return on their investment
Green News
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Complete Green Systems has completed three commercial solar installations at Code Electrical Classes. The school is located at 7449 Citrus Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32792, just one block North of Aloma near Palmetto. There are three (3) PV systems on site for viewing and education. The first is a 7.56kW PV system comprised of 36 Sanyo 210 HIP modules and 36 Enphase inverters.  The second is a 1.8kW central inverter grid tie system on the roof of the solar center which is the operational model of the one below in the solar center instructional area. The last system is the prized 2.76kW 2-axis tracker system which is comprised of 12 SolarWorld 230 modules and 12 Enphase inverters. We have computers and large screens in the facilities that will show the Enphase website for the 7.56kW system and the 2.76kW tracker system.

It was our honor to have been chosen by Mr. Tom Henry to install the systems that will be used to teach the proper installation of the PV systems for the next generation. Code Electrical School and Mr. Henry are known worldwide as one of the top electrical instructional facilities.


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