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One of the smartest investments you can make right now is in energy. Costs of traditional energy resources are rising and the dollars we pay every month offer no return.Solar dates back thirty years with no harmful effects on the environment. High efficient AC, solar water heating, low watt lighting and solar attic ventilation are all easy investments with high returns.


Energy efficiency measures are a smart investment for many companies to stay competitive in today’s market and to reduce the cost of operating procedures, cut back on waste,  and empower employees to do the same. Companies need to get the community involved in their efforts to show everyone you are the leader in securing our environmental future. 


It is important to understand the technology behind our product offering, why it is necessary, and what incentives may be available. Mr. Jamerson is also a solar instructor, helping the next generation of contractors to learn the proper installation of products to give the customer the highest return on their investment
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A Solar Electric System
for Your Business is a Smart Decision!

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Business owners can count on Complete Green Systems to help them reduce or eliminate their facility’s electric bill with a building science approach to reducing energy cost.  This will include a commercial solar electric system. A significant portion of the solar system cost is paid for by taking advantage of state rebates and incentives, the generous 30% Federal grant or Federal tax credit, along with accelerated depreciation. A commercial solar system will also insulate your business from electricity rate increases in the future, while providing extra shade to the roof. As utility rates increase over the 25 + year life of the solar system, the return on your solar investment increases even more. A new Complete Green Systems commercial solar system will help your business grow unimpeded by rising energy costs, enable your business to reduce operating costs and generate long term savings. By going solar, your company will be recognized as a green business, protecting the environment and preventing pollution.

The Time to Go Solar is Now! A new Federal Grant Covers 30% of the Cost of Commercial Solar Projects Started Within the Next Two Years

Businesses are now eligible for a 30% federal grant. This important law significantly increases the affordability and financial return of a commercial solar system for business owners and corporations, making it one of the safest investments available today.

Complete Green Systems designs and manages large-scale solar installations for commercial businesses.

Commercial Solar Basics:

Solar modules create electricity when the sun's energy releases electrons from their bonds in the silicon semiconductors.

These electrons travel through wires to an inverter that converts the power to the type used in your building or is fed back to utility grid. A grid-tied solar electric system requires solar modules, mounting hardware, cabling, one large, or multiple smaller inverters, safety disconnects and a meter for tracking energy sent back into the grid.  Some power companies are offering to buy back power you produce in excess of your demand.

PV Array

The solar modules produce DC electricity. These modules can be installed on the roof of a building, create the shading cover for carports, or be mounted on the ground or poles. The maximum size of the system is often determined by the available area where sunlight is unobstructed by other structures, trees or equipment.



The DC power from the solar modules is carried to an inverter that converts it to AC power. The inverter can be placed in a utility room or outside, usually not far from the solar modules. The power produced by the inverter is the same type of power as fed from your power utility, but is often "cleaner."


Revenue Grade Meter

Most power companies that purchase or credit your excess energy will require a bi-directional meter to track your contribution to the grid. This excess power cancels out your usage when the modules are not producing electricity, such as at night.


Utility Grid

In a traditional grid-tie application, your building will always remain connected to your existing utility company.