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One of the smartest investments you can make right now is in energy. Costs of traditional energy resources are rising and the dollars we pay every month offer no return.Solar dates back thirty years with no harmful effects on the environment. High efficient AC, solar water heating, low watt lighting and solar attic ventilation are all easy investments with high returns.


Energy efficiency measures are a smart investment for many companies to stay competitive in today’s market and to reduce the cost of operating procedures, cut back on waste,  and empower employees to do the same. Companies need to get the community involved in their efforts to show everyone you are the leader in securing our environmental future. 


It is important to understand the technology behind our product offering, why it is necessary, and what incentives may be available. Mr. Jamerson is also a solar instructor, helping the next generation of contractors to learn the proper installation of products to give the customer the highest return on their investment
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Home Solar Power Systems…and more!
A solar electric system will power your home with free energy from the sun!

The average homeowner will spend more than $100,000 on electric bills over 25 years. How with energy cost on the rise, that amount will go much higher.  Why risk further increases?  With our building science approach to your home, we can evaluate your energy demand and show you how we can reduce your overall energy burden.  When it comes to electricity, why rent when you can own? The upfront installation costs of a PV (Photovoltaic) system are far cheaper in the long run than paying increasing electrical rates, and the value of your home increases more than the cost of the system with no additional property tax assessments.

Be the first on your block to have the ultimate, high-tech appliance, a Complete Green Systems Home Solar Power System.  Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing that your new solar electric system reduces or all but eliminates your electric bill, gives you energy independence, a substantial property value increase, and a long-term solution for your power needs. And all the 100% clean, green power produced by your home solar power system is FREE with energy produced from the sun.

Contact Complete Green Systems, and one of our professionally trained staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have about solar for your home. A home solar power system is now affordable for every homeowner and has become the economical energy choice for clean, reliable electricity. For homeowners residential homeowners, solar power systems are eligible for a 30% Federal Investment Solar Tax Credit.

The Time to Go Solar is Now!          Call 1-877-399-SOLAR

One-stop and turn-key…we do it all for you!

After you contact us, we go to work immediately to determine which solar panel install and/or  other green product(s) is right for you. Remember, we provide everything you need to go green:

Solar Power Electrical Systems                  High-Efficiency Air Conditioning
Solar Hot Water Heating Systems             Solar Powered Roof Vents
Solar Tube Lighting                                Swimming Pool Heating Systems
and More…

Complete Green Systems takes you through the entire process of making your home more efficient and providing high quality solar electrical system to power your home.  Call today! 1-877-399-SOLAR